Brewing Just Hot Water With the Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker

I used to be really into the Keurig one cup coffee system. It was a really cool concept, all the flavors of coffee, no waste! It also had the ability to brew a cup of anything you want, custom! coffee beans, tea leaves, or even just hot water!

I’ve upgrade from the Keurig to the Tassimo system, which I totally do not regret, but one thing I missed was being able to just brew some hot water, super fast. These systems have amazingly cool no tank water heaters, and I wanted to take advantage of it for my cups of noodles, and my loose leaf tea.

I googled around for the answer to this for ages, and found no real conclusive evidence. I even contacted Tassimo customer support, and they gave me some boilerplate answer. Finally, I ran across the solution in their customer forums.

Tassimo Service T-Disc

You can infact use the Tassimo “Service T-Disc” to brew straight hot water. The service disc does not have any sort of vinegar, or crazy added solution thats added to it, its just super hot water. I do recommend that you run the service disc once on its own to make sure its clean before you brew it for your tea or noodles, just to make sure its actually clean :)

I hope this information helps somebody else!!

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